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Air Associates is a one stop source for industrial ventilation products for business and institutions.  Our experts can outfit your workplace or building with state of the art industrial pollution, dust collection and fume collection equipment, based on your needs and specifications.

We use top of the line  equipment from the following providers:

  • AAF  Air Pollution Control
    • Manufactures industrial grade dust collectors including cartridge collectors, wet collectors, baghouse collectors and motorized shaker collectors. RotoClone collector is a special fan that provides both airflow and wet separation of various difficult to handle dusts.
  • AirPro Fan & Blower Company
    • Builds full range of industrial fans including direct drive, belt drive, high heat, dust collection, radial wheel, backward incline wheel, high static pressures.
  • Bousquet  Technologies
    • Specializes in manufacturing gas fired and oil fired make up air units, heat and vent units, and heat recovery air handling units. Units custom constructed to withstand severe conditions.
  • Commercial Acoustics
    • Fabricates noise control products such as acoustical housings, barrier systems, acoustical louvers, generator enclosures, and industrial grade fan silencers.
  • Hansentek 
    • Provides spark detection equipment to detect sparks in dust laden ductwork and instantly react to detection by various means including spark water spray suppression, activating abort gates, relaying to building alarm system, and shutting down dust collector.
  • IEP Technologies
    • Supplies and engineer’s explosion protection, suppression, and detection. Lab testing of dusts to determine explosion rating and dust combustibility.
  • Kirk & Blum
    • Fabricates “clamp together” ducting for dust collection and fume exhaust systems. These duct systems install quickly and allow easy changes in future.
  • Motors & Controls Corporation
    • Builds custom master control panels to handle all controls of a dust collector including variable frequency drive motor control, filter cleaning controls, and component control. Panels built for indoor or outdoor installation with heating and cooling systems to withstand any climate.
  • Plasticair
    • Manufactures FRP industrial process fans serving institutional research & laboratory facilities including high plume dilution fans/stacks, acid exhaust and scrubber fume hoods. Typical industries served by Plasticair are: Pulp & paper, Plating, Chemical Processing, Waste Water, and Pharmaceutical.
  • VAW Systems Noise Control
    • Engineers and fabricates acoustical noise attenuators for duct systems, fan discharge, and motor noise.
  • Ventaire
    • Supplies systems to exhaust carbon monoxide from all types of vehicles, exhaust weld fumes with close capture hoods and self-supporting flexible arms.
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