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We provide a wide variety of parts, equipment and services necessary for design, installation, maintenance and repair of industrial air pollution systems, explosion suppression systems, dust collection systems and more.  From public institutions to heavy, industrial facilities, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for industrial ventilation and dust collection in any industry.

Our  partners are highly trained in the most up-to-date pollution control technologies, and follow the latest practices regarding  dust collection and explosion protection  to meet codes and insurance requirements.  Improving efficiency and performance of dust collection systems, to maintain high environmental standards is our priority.  

Air Associates facilitates smart  system design, experience in coordinating complex installations, top quality equipment, and highly skilled partners to ensure your business’  needs are met quickly and professionally.  Air Associates can provide all the equipment and parts needed to completely install new systems, or simply replace broken/used parts.

Dust Collection Services

  • wood working, saw dust collection
  • pharmaceutical dust collection
  • welding dust collection
  • exhaust dust collection
  • industrial exhaust dust collection
  • chemical dust collection
  • wood dust collection
  • chemical dust collection
  • mineral dust collection

Services Include

  • analyze existing dust collection systems and provide recommendations to improve performance
  • perform  system commissioning to ensure performance and safety requirements are met
  • retrofit new  systems into existing spaces
  • analyze and recommend correct dust collector filters for your application
  • industrial fan and blower performance testing
  • inspect and repair electrical connections
  • upgrade control panels
  • perform acoustical analysis and implement noise control solutions
  • recommend and provide high quality dust collector products
  • perform hazardous material analysis
  • recommend and implement explosion protection strategies

Hazard analysis:

  • process hazard analysis (PHA) to identify explosion risks
  • perform sample testing to determine dust explosibility
  • recommend explosion protection strategies
  • perform dust/fume sample testing to facilitate proper selection of dust collection equipment and filters
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